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Kojic Acid Turmeric Soap Clears Dark Spots, Evens Skin Tone and Brightens Skin complexion.

‼️PSA: Turmeric Soap does NOT lighten your skin. It has no bleaching properties in it!!!! It is ALL NATURAL, and only brightens the appearance of your complexion by clearing any acne, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, eczema, and other skin issues..

Our Soap is the perfect way to naturally lighten and brighten your skin. It is formulated with Kojic Acid, a gentle yet effective, active ingredient known for its’ skin-lightening properties. Safe and gentle enough for everyday use, this soap provides you with a glowing complexion without any harshness.


Benefits Of Turmeric For Skin?

* Adds Natural Glow To Your Skin. Turmeric is considered to be a potent ingredient for skin lightening and revealing glow.

* Treats Acne Breakouts.

* Helps With Atopic Dermatitis.

* Slows Down Skin Ageing.

* Helps With Psoriasis.

* Reduces Dark Circles.

* Moisturizes Dry Skin.

Turmeric & Kojic Acid Soap

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