Classic Eye Shadows


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    From dramatic and intense to soft and subtle, our collection of triple – milled pressed eyeshadows come in 200+ shades. 

    In matte, pearl and super pearl formulations.  Apply wet or dry.

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    Eye Shadow Color

    101-Army Green, 104-Chocolate Brown, 106-Smokey Plum, 109-Black Magic, 11-Deep Plum, 112-Pink Ice, 117-Berry Wood, 12-Shimmering Mauve, 121-Java, 122-Sienna, 124-Futuristic, 127-Serene, 128-Chocolate Kisses, 129-French Vanilla, 130-Mahogany, 131-Nu Bronze, 132-Midnight Orchid, 134-Iced Malted, 135-Egyptian Gold, 136-Iced Violet, 137-Butterscotch, 138-Blue Velvet, 139-Green Velvet, 140-Mauve Velvet, 141-Midnight Blue, 142-Calm, 143-Rage, 144-Heaven's Above, 145-Tinkerbell, 147-Beige Breeze, 149-Mist, 150-Back To Earth, 151-Orbit, 152-Gravity, 153-Solar System, 155-Blue Lagoon, 156-Tropic Bronze, 157-Island Sunset, 158-Golden Rod, 159-Safari, 161-Pure Sable, 162-Clestial Green, 163-Blue Stone, 164-Camel, 165-Golden Leaf, 166-Bisque, 167-Cloud Nine, 168-Ultra Violet, 169-Blue Streak, 17-Sapphire, 170-Twilight, 171-Plummet, 172-Dew Drop, 173-Starry Night, 174-Emerald City, 175-Sunrise, 176-Creme, 177-Goldilocks, 178-Bear Brown, 179-Guacamole, 180-Royal Purple, 181-Ginger Snaps, 182-Tumbleweed, 183-Peach Schapps, 184-South Beach, 185-Night Life, 186-Goddess, 187-Bedazzled, 188-Tenderness, 189-Terracotta Gold, 190-Truffle, 191-Portobello, 192-Marooned, 193-Graphite, 194-Lilac Frost, 195-Pink Frost, 196-Iced Opal, 197-Teal Frost, 198-Bisque Pink, 199-Aquamarine, 200-Plum Velvet, 201-Tornado, 202-Just Peachy, 203-Meadow, 204-Sugar Cane, 205-Jasper, 206-Flirtatious, 207-Grape Sherbert, 208-Moonbeam, 209-Wheat, 21-Blue Mist, 210-Autumn, 211-Sandstone, 212-Vineyard, 213-Mystical, 214-Peter Pan, 215-Autumn Rose, 216-Lime Divine, 217-Lullaby, 219-Jezebel, 22-Sky Blue, 220-Lime, 221-Yellow, 222-Pure Purple, 223-Turquoise, 224-Midnight, 225-Burnt Orange, 226-Grape, 227-Witchcraft, 228-Shitake, 229-Naughty, 230-Bewitched, 231-Ole Blue Eyes, 232-Pillow Talk, 233-Golden Berry, 234-True Romance, 235-Organza, 236-Treasure Chest, 238-In The Nude, 239-Sun Gold, 24-Charcoal, 240-Pennies From Heaven, 241-Mochachino, 242-Playful, 243-Red For Real, 244-Oh My Orange, 245-Polarizing Purple, 246-Drama Queen, 247-Tangelo, 248-Smokin, 249-Peach Kiss, 250-Crush On You, 251-Angel Fluff, 252-Lolita, 253-Blue Bayou, 254-Copperglaze, 255-Satin Gold, 256-Steel Plum, 257-Brazillian Bronze, 258-Freestone, 259-Carbon, 26-Coffee, 260-Peach Mango, 261-Green Peace, 262-Shades Of Blue, 263-Baby Blue, 264-Aqua Velvet, 265-Summer Sky, 266-Mother Earth, 267-Guilded Peach, 268-Denim, 269-Twinkle Plum, 27-Toffee, 270-9 Brownie, 271-Unmellow Yellow, 272-Night Sky, 273-Mystic Blue, 274-9 Magnetic, 275-Neirloom, 28-Golden Bronze, 281-Caramel Apple, 282-Precious Gem, 283-Tranquil Teal, 286-Jungle, 287-Sapphire Night, 289-Earthly Nude, 29-Smoke, 291-Earthly Plum, 292-Sugar Blush, 293-Safari Brown, 294-Crushd Mauve Copy, 295-Kind Of Khaki, 296-Guilded Taupe, 298-Evening Plum Copy, 299-Tender Taupe Copy, 3-Mulberry, 30-Steel Mist, 300-Prosecco Copy, 31-Chinchilla, 37-Oyster Pearl, 41-Cream Dust, 44-Olive Twist, 45-Avocado, 46-Forest Green, 53-Ocean Blue, 55-Deep Sea Blue, 56-White Gold, 57-Peaches & Cream, 60-Pearl Grey, 61-Crystal Pink, 7-Luminescent Pink, 74-Simmering Rose, 76-Shimmering Gold, 77-Burgundy Frost, 8-Champagne, 80-Steel Green, 82-14K Gold, 85-Pleasantly Plum, 88-Nearly Nude, 9-Barely Pink, 90-Nearly Natural, 91-Nearly Beige, 92-Nearly Charcoal, 94-Nearly Taupe, 95-Pink Earth, 96-Shimmering Wine, 97-Eggplant

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